Privacy policy for our app, the Flashcards Trainer Pro

Camera and Images

Adding images to your flashcards requires us to access your device's camera and images. The access will only happen if you use that feature and grant us the permission when asked by the app.

Flashcards-Transfer and Location

On Android 8.0 (and later) devices, it is necessary for technical reasons for the user to allow a location query in the app. The actual geographic location of the sender or the receiver is not explicitly queried or stored by our app in the program code. An implicit transmission of the location between the sender and the receiver is possible if technically required to realize the flashcards transfer. The locations of sender or receiver are not explicitly transmitted to third parties in the program code.

Personal data

Personal data such as the name of the user, his age, his gender or his telephone number is not queried by our app, not stored and not transmitted. When submitting bugs to the developer, the user can decide whether or not to submit the API level of his device to the developer.

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This page was last edited on 12 September 2019.